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    I am a Dublin based artist, writer and lecturer at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD). My art practice is committed to exploring and responding to systemic power relations, most specifically as they relate to class and gender inequality. I have a strong commitment to long-term cross-sectoral collaborations. Since 2004 I have worked closely with Rialto Youth Project exploring lived experiences of systemic inequalities with young people and adults, co-producing multiple public works including Natural History of Hope (with Brokentalkers, Project Arts Centre, 2016), Policing Dialogues (The LAB, 2010) and The Day in Question (IMMA, 2009), much of which is documented in my critical memoir TEN: Territory, Encounter & Negotiation (2014).  Currently I’m working on two projects: What Does He Need? with Rialto Youth Project and Brokentalkers, and Multi-Story – Thinking and Writing the Housing Crisis, in collaboration with Feidlim Cannon and Housing Action Now. My writing focuses on the complex relationality, labour and ethical challenges of collaborative arts practice and includes co-writing with sociologist Kevin Ryan, in a collective writing platform ‘Two Fuse. See Freedom? (Cork University Press, 2018) and Beating the Bounds of Socially Engaged Art (Field Journal, 2016). As an educator, I am committed to the professional development of artists with participatory and collaborative practices, teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level at NCAD. In 2019, I was awarded a residency at the Irish Museum of Modern Art and I received my PhD at the Centre for Socially Engaged Practice-Based Research at TU Dublin.

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