• Projects

  • Since 2004, Fiona Whelan’s practice has been positioned in Rialto in the south inner-city of Dublin, where she works with a community youth service – Rialto Youth Project, collaborating with a team of youth workers, homework club workers and local residents.  To date this collaboration has been rooted in three projects.

    What Does He Need? (2018+)

    • What Does He Need? (2018+) is a project by artist/writer Fiona Whelan, theatre company Brokentalkers and Rialto Youth Project, exploring how men and boys are...

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    The Natural History of Hope (2012–16)

    Natural History of Hope was a four-year inter-generational project between Rialto Youth Project and artist Fiona Whelan, exploring contemporary equality issues for women and girls living and...

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    Policing Dialogues (2007–11)

    What’s the Story?’ Collective led a four-year project (2007-11) exploring power and policing in Dublin. Born from existing relationships developed in the Rialto Youth Project,...

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