What Does He Need? one day dialogical workshop for adults

The first creative research process is a one-day dialogical workshop, developed by Fiona Whelan and Brokentalkers in partnership with Rialto Youth Project (Dublin 8) and the Children and Youth Action Group of the North West Inner City Network (Dublin 7). The workshop, led by Brokentalkers (Gary Keegan and Feidlim Cannon) and Fiona Whelan, brings together a group of six to eight adults/young adults who are tasked with creating a boy, naming him, describing him as a young child and journeying with him as he encounters a series of complex dilemmas at different stages of his life from birth to fatherhood. In response to each dilemma, the group engage in dialogue, discussing the boy’s needs.

The workshop explores a range of themes including power, dominance, male violence, pornography, money and status, the suppression of vulnerability and suicide. Between June 2018 and Dec 2019, eight workshops have taken place seeing eight boys produced through this creative process. These include ‘Jack-Sue’, created by a group of conference attendees as part of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme: ‘Practice and Power’ event  in June 2018; ‘Luke’ created by a team of youth and community workers based in the North West inner city of Dublin during Fiona’s invited residency in IMMA in summer 2019 and ‘Finn’ created by a group of adult men living and or working in Rialto, who came together in the F2 Neighbourhood Centre in December 2019.

Funding dependant, it is our intention in 2021 to produce this workshop to be an immersive sensory encounter to include a purpose built mobile structure, with audio visual components in order to tour it to different locations, to create boys with a diversity of different groups.