The Natural History of Hope (2012–16)

Natural History of Hope was a four-year inter-generational project between Rialto Youth Project and artist Fiona Whelan, exploring contemporary equality issues for women and girls living and working in Rialto. This longitudinal enquiry drew on the strong relationships between the organisation and generations of females living locally. It formed part of a long-term artist residency in Rialto Youth Project and built on the approach taken and learning gained from the Policing Dialogues project (2004-7) and as such, was built upon a large collection of personal anonymous stories. (Natural History of Hope core group were Rialto Youth Project staff; Dannielle McKenna, Sharon Cooney, Nichola Mooney, Michelle Dunne, Gillian O Connor and artist; Fiona Whelan.) The project is written about in the publication Freedom? (2018) by Two Fuse and in my PhD thesis. The project had a number of public manifestations:

Listenings Series (2012/13)

Listenings #1 took place in March 2012 and marked the first public engagement from Natural History of Hope. Following a...

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New School for Girls (2014/15)

Drawing from a range of ongoing processes operating under the banner of Natural History of Hope, 16 females from four generations...

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Natural History of Hope Performance (May 2016)

Following three years of intense exploration into the complexity of women's lives, the core group of women living and working in...

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