Eight Dublin Lithuanian Stories (2009)

In 2009, ‘What’s the Story?’ Collective took a break from making work relating to their own stories of power and made a new film ‘Eight Dublin Lithuanian Stories’.

The film was shot in various locations in Dublin and was based on the personal experiences of Dublin based Lithuanian young people from the 4 Vejas Lithuanian School in Inchicore. The anonymous stories were then re enacted by individuals from Rialto Youth Project.

The film was made on the occasion of the NEU/NOW festival in Vilnius and this stage of the project involved a collective trip to Lithuania to re-create the ‘Section 8′   mobile space at The Titanic – Design Innovations Centre of Vilnius Academy of Arts, in which to screen the film as part of European Capital of Culture celebrations. The collective also used the van as a site for vital critical discussions on their practice.

For further information about this project, see: ‘TEN: Territory, Encounter & Negotiation’, a critical memoir by Fiona Whelan, 2014.